Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pathways to Peace: A Storytelling Journey SAT Feb 7th

On Saturday evening, February 7, the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Cambridge Friends Meeting presented an evening of storytelling. Featured tellers were Diane Edgecomb, Norah Dooley, Elisa Pearmain, and our own George Capaccio. Proceeds from this event will benefit George’s Iraq Family Relief Fund, which provides monthly assistance to six Iraqi families. Refreshments were donated by Panera Bread. Stories, both personal and traditional, celebrated times of empathy, courage and compassion along the pathway to peace. Please call George at 781-641-9846 if you have any questions about the event or the storytellers. Many thanks to the Friends Peace and Social Concerns Committee and all who attended.

George Capaccio’s work on behalf of the people of Iraq has been recognized by advocates for peace. His collection of poetry about Iraq, While the Light Still Trembles, won the 1999 Peace Writing Award from the University of Arkansas, and he received the 2001 Peacemaker Award from the Massachusetts Chapter of Veterans for Peace. He continues to help support a group of related Iraqi families through the Iraq Family Relief Fund.

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